CC House

Formentera (Spagna)

The building can be reached through a thick vegetation that allows the visitor to catch the sight of the sea only at the end. The entrance occurs through a little patio with stone walls, characterized by a pre-existing Savin Juniper growing in the centre of the ground. From the entrance of the house the whole block is visible, framing a spectacular view of the Formentera sea. In order to improve the pre-existing bad conditions of the site, the building underwent a thorough and extensive renovation that allowed a complete reorganization of the interiors. The main objective of the project was given by the wish of the owner to open the view to the seafront, secluding only the sleeping area while leaving the rest of the spaces completely interconnected. The indoor and outdoor communicate in an interrupted and flowing way, achieving an exclusive union of space and function. The selection of furniture and materials are a faithful reflection of the client’s mood. They form a micro universe consisting of layers of feelings and expectations and promoting peace and tranquility. An outdoor staircase, leads to a big flat roof, expanding in this way the living area and offering an uninterrupted panoramic view of the surrounding.

Year: 2009-2012
Photos: Patrizia Frighi