CN House


This property is a semi-detached house in the foothills overlooking Bologna. The building was originally constructed in the 1960s, designed as a single villa with spacious living areas and utility rooms.

The finished design, whilst respecting the building’s features, aims to make full use of the potential afforded by the interior spaces and the tremendous views on offer, with the large existing windows redesigned to favour the most attractive views – north towards the city, and south onto the park and private garden.

The new interior is designed to adapt to changes in taste and lifestyle; a space which is neutral but nevertheless full of character, partly due to the choice of iconic elements that can evolve over time.

The bedrooms are separated from the living areas by a long corridor, furnished with large, steel-covered containers, which marks the passage from the expansive, well-lit living area to the more intimate and secluded part of the house. The basement floor contains various utilities and a large study and play area for the children.

Year: 1998-2001
Photos: Adriano Pecchio