LP House


Formentera is a small Baleari island, famous for its sea and for its beaches of very thin sand. During the sixties this island had a huge tourist development by who had chosen its uncontaminated nature and easy way of life. Many buildings from those years are characterized from poor constructive technologies and problematic preserving conditions. This country house is an example. It has a very fascinating position, on a rock overlooking the sea.

The site is spectacular but exposed to natural elements; therefore, our first task was that of recovering and restoring the existing structures. The project took advantage of the particular organization of the house, made of a series of patios assuring at the same time privacy and a shelter from the wind, in order to obtain a sort of small ‘casbah’ where each spot could offer particular sights and atmospheres. Thanks to this peculiarity, each space has a number of possible uses, depending on the position of the sun, giving from time to time different little oasis.

The country house is made of two main buildings and of some other elements linked by fenced paths. The “savina” is a typical island tree and the visual keystone for who walks through the doorway patio. Then, passing through filled and empty spaces, the path leads to the sea-facing locations The living area expands in the roof by a staircase, offering a 360° sight of the landscape.

Year: 2006-2008
Photos: Fabio Mantovani