LPD House


With Fabrizio Cocchi

This property has a highly distinctive urban location, right in the centre of the city. Set on the top three floors of a traditional Bologna corner building, it has close visual contact with the main historical and architectural features of the city. The building’s close proximity to the Church of Santa Maria della Vita lent itself to a design featuring large windows, allowing the best possible views onto the church’s imposing structure. The vertical connecting element plays a central role in relation to the horizontal distribution of the various environments, and was redesigned to make the joins between the dwelling’s different levels as fluid as possible. The staircase leads to a turret, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding architecture and the nearby hills. The interior design focused on dark colours and natural materials, from the wooden floors and stone cladding to the burnished iron built-in furniture, creating a warm and welcoming refuge, a place to escape from the fast pace of urban life.


Year: 2010-2013
Partners: Alessia Curella
Photos: Luca Capuano