Plugin House


In the last few years the concept of the house, as traditionally understood, is showing more and more all its conceptual limits. Because of the progressive qualitative change of the “aggregation”

between individuals, taxonomies have become more evanescent and uncertain: stable couples become suddenly unstable, they accommodate their children and others’ children, loved and less loved elderly persons, with the usual nurses and housemaids’ heritage.

Often those couples’ children have children and decide to remain in their parent’s house to benefit from the family/community’s support. The house must be transformed into a harmonious set of small concluded worlds that have to guarantee performances and privacy but also the possibility of meeting and sharing. The house must follow this changing landscape in real time, because dreams, expectations and instances cannot wait.

Plug-in house is a wood house concept, able to react, thanks to its modularity and its aggregative and compositive peculiarity, to this constant claim changing possibility to adapt in real time to developing and changing rites and rhythms happening in its interior. Its elements, like the components of a computer, can be connected to a system and immediately be recognized by it and become at once an integral part of it.

The system is an urban organism that has rules of growth written in its DNA: material resemblance, composition, proportions and dimensions coherence, system and construction compatiblity.

Year: 2009
Partners: Sophie Berianidze, Alessia Curella
Photos: Luca Capuano, Matteo Monti